Hunan Qidong County, all fireworks enterprises were shut down suspected "one size fits all"

Qidong County 46 fireworks manufacturing enterprises were all shut down
Qidong County government in each fireworks business hall were set off a bulletin board. Jinghua Times reporter Zhang Shuling in Hengyang City, Hunan Province, Qidong County, the government issued a document requiring all fireworks manufacturing enterprises in the end of July 2016 all withdraw. December 2015, Qidong County 46 fireworks manufacturing enterprises were all shut down, and in accordance with the land assets assessment 30% of the compensation. Suspected "one size fits all", that the government behavior illegal, of which 39 fireworks companies jointly to the Hunan provincial government administrative reconsideration. Recently, the reporter went to the local interview, a number of companies have been shut down that they are legitimate, government behavior has brought them huge losses. Hengyang City and Qidong County, the relevant responsible person said that this is to prevent the occurrence of safety responsibility accident. Visit the company said the compensation standard is too low July 6 morning, the reporter came to Hengyang City Qidong County Shuangqiao Town Bird Village Shenghua fireworks factory, plant built on the hillside, no residential around. It is understood that Shenghua fireworks factory was built in 2009, respectively, from the bird village, Zhushan Village, Wang ball village lease, lease period of 30 years, the contract shows to 2039 expires. At present, the plant has been in the closed state, the door closed, only one old man in this gate. The door set up a blue and white on the bulletin board, "from December 26, 2015 from the full stop production, and will withdraw from the fireworks production industry, advise you from the date of the factory will not be engaged, prohibit unrelated personnel into the factory, Otherwise the consequences of their own. "In addition, the bulletin board also announced the" package factory cadres "" stare staff "name, contact and report the phone. Inscribed for the Shuangqiao Town People's Government, the time for December 26, 2015. According to the legal representative of the plant Chen Junming introduction, Shenghua fireworks factory covers an area of ​​nearly 500 acres, more than 3,000 yuan investment, with 22 fireworks production lines, complete procedures and there is no illegal behavior. Qidong County in 46 fireworks enterprises, Shenghua fireworks factory is the largest. The estimated value of construction facilities and equipment on the ground is 15.9947 million yuan. However, according to the government given 30% of the compensation standard, Shenghua fireworks factory can only get 478.941 million compensation, and the factory there are loans and borrow a total of 10 million yuan of foreign debt is not finished. Many villagers rely on fireworks factory to get rich in Chen Junming's leadership, the reporter entered the factory, came to a higher position, the factory is divided into production area, the Treasury area, office area, each area to maintain a certain distance, the entire plant was Surrounded by trees. In the production area, the reporter saw the house was separated by red walls, visual wall thickness of about two meters. According to Chen Junming introduction, this is the explosion-proof wall, the county's fireworks enterprises are like this, because they are built in accordance with the requirements of the Government. Treasury area also piled a lot of semi-finished products, crates and finished products. Chen Junming said that these have become a waste, can no longer be processed, can no longer be sold. Into the production workshop, the machine has been full of dust, a long time not used. According to Chen Junming introduction, Shenghua fireworks factory has 216 factories, the size of machinery and equipment more than 300 Taiwan, the factory 368 employees 80% of the villagers nearby. Before the closure of the factory, many leaders have come to visit, "boast our large scale, and done well, worthy of the city's fireworks business study, but also asked us to become bigger and stronger, but the factory was suddenly closed ... ..." Bird Village Secretary Zhou Health said, Shenghua fireworks factory and the village committee signed a 30-year lease agreement, the land is also the villagers, the factory closed but the rent is to pay. Zhou Zengsheng said that the bird village from the 60's since there are firecrackers factory, the original veteran artists are hand dispensing, often accidents, and now the factory mechanized, separation of human and drug, there have been no casualties, "the village more than 280 households , There are 200 people in the factory to work, more than 60-year-old man earn more than 1,000 a month, the young can earn 3,000 yuan to 6. Tao Tong village remote, poor, the villagers into the factory after work, now many families have built a small "I think this approach is defective." Zhou Zhengsheng said, to be off those who can not close the small factories, large-scale and regular manufacturers can not say off on the ah! Compliance business was called to stop production in the Qidong County town of the old town of Dexin fireworks factory, a built office building has not yet been renovated. Jiang Yourong, head of the plant, said the warehouse, cement road, fireworks production lines are new, just ready to do a big, the factory was stopped. Jiang Yourong said that the plant in 2008 to expand the expansion, covers an area of ​​200 acres. In 2012 and 2013, but also mechanized transformation. "Jiang Guanrong said that the state to produce standards, he reached the standard, and now he only has a request, that is, can be able to do so, To resume production. Hope to resume production is not only Jiang Yourong, and the plant more than 200 employees. It is reported that employees elected more than 10 representatives, the original plan on the request of the city government Hengyang, but Jiang Yourong stopped. "The children want to eat, the factory started, my family have to take care." 45-year-old female worker Chen Liming said, December 10, 2015 16 o'clock, she and her colleagues are working, the town of security prison station to the We do not want to go, they also called the police. "Chen Liqing said that she worked in the Dexin fireworks factory for 9 years, wages from 2,000 yuan per month rose To eight or nine thousand dollars, her husband is also working in the factory, wages and she almost, "now the factory was off, we have nothing to craft, older to go out to work hard to find, say the elderly children also need to take care." Chen Liqing said , Now a lot of staff leaving the factory are nesting at home to play mahjong. The rights of 39 enterprises joint administrative reconsideration reporter interviewed a number of fireworks business executives, the other party said the reasons for the government is afraid of a security accident. Fireworks business executives to provide a copy of the material show that the State Council Safety Production Committee Office in early 2014, the country's 22 major production of fireworks production counties, in April 2014 to December 2015 to achieve the number of fireworks manufacturing enterprises , Compared with the end of 2013 to reduce more than 25%. Business executives speculated that this is one of the reasons for the call fireworks business. "The Office of the State Council Committee's policy is very good, came down to go like." Camphor fireworks factory owner Chen Yongjun said. It is reported that Hengyang Municipal People's Government Office in October 21, 2014 issued a "Hengyang City, fireworks production enterprises out of the closure of the exit program" notice, requiring three years to eliminate all the fireworks production enterprises. To complete this goal, Hengyang city government set up a working group, the office located in Hengyang City Safety Supervision Bureau, by the Safety Supervision Bureau. A year later, Qidong County, the county government issued a notice requiring the county fireworks manufacturing enterprises, in the end of July 2016 all quit. December 2015, Qidong County 46 fireworks manufacturers are all shut down. It is reported that the current Qidong County was shut down 46 fireworks enterprises, there are 39 enterprises jointly commissioned Tuyi Yi lawyers, on February 4 this year to the Hunan provincial government submitted administrative reconsideration, asked to determine the Hengyang city government "one size fits all" behavior Illegal, and made according to the law to compensate for corporate losses. February 15, Hunan Provincial Government Legislative Affairs Office to inform the relevant materials. After the material correction, on March 27 this year, the Hunan provincial government accepted the case. May 17, administrative reconsideration to be extended for a month. At present, due to the coordination of the two sides to resolve the matter, administrative reconsideration is still in progress. In response to the municipal government "kick the ball" July 6 afternoon, the reporter with several representatives of fireworks business rushed to the Qidong county government. Qidong County Standing Committee, executive vice governor Liu Zhen in his office, said the county has shut down 46 fireworks business, is in accordance with the spirit of Hengyang city government document implementation. As for compensation only "30%" problem, Liu Zhen said, "the county has no money." Subsequently, the reporter and business representatives came to Hengyang city government. Hengyang City Bureau of Safety Supervision, said Hu Xiaogang, a comprehensive shut down 46 fireworks business, in fact, Qidong County government requirements, "your county leaders said do not want to do, you have to learn to see the file, where the municipal government asked you all shut down "As for the issue of compensation, Hu Xiaogang that delegates should also go to Qidong County government coordination, compensation is Qidong County government set, and Hengyang City does not matter. Close to the traditional industries, whether the need to seek local business advice? What are the procedures that need to be shut down? For such problems, Hu Xiaogang said he himself from the side to a number of fireworks manufacturers responsible person to understand, "they also said do not want to do." For the State Council Safety Production Committee Office in early 2014, the country's 22 major production of fireworks production, In April 2014 to December 2015 to achieve the number of fireworks manufacturing enterprises, compared to the end of 2013 reduced to 25% or more, did not say all shut down. Hu Xiaogang said, "You see is more than 25%, focusing on the above." >> Experts say the government to be closed law enterprises to give "argument" National School of Administration Professor Yang Weidong analysis that the local government if the transition for the traditional industries, China's relevant laws to be carried out, "government departments issued a notice, opinion or policy, is only a guiding opinion." Yang Weidong said, shutting down enterprises depends on whether the enterprise is illegal. If the business is legal, the government should be shut down in advance, the enterprise must give a legitimate and reasonable reason, "people have a safe production license, and still valid, you go to shut down, that is illegal "Yang Weidong that shutting down enterprises to distinguish between different situations, to give a certain transition period, but also to determine the remedial measures. Government to enterprises need to go through in-depth research and depth of communication, "the best with each enterprise to communicate, if the number of enterprises, but also allows enterprises to select representatives, through the form of a comprehensive, in-depth understanding of the views of enterprises, "For compensation or compensation issues, Yang Weidong that should compensate the direct economic losses of enterprises," like factories, warehouses, office buildings and other construction facilities, land rent, product and material losses, and even daily water and electricity, are regarded as direct business Loss of. "Yang Weidong said that if the government financial constraints, the company can be shut down to pay the state compensation, the part of the compensation, although also take the financial, but the financial single," not to say that the financial money, not to pay, the state compensation law It is clear that if the government illegal shutdown of the enterprise, it should be compensated. "Jinghua Times reporter Zhang Shuling

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