Ocher Breeder: Panda Case Karaoke I believe will be sweet hugged together

Koala is the national treasure of Australia
Adelaide Zoo, visitors have to take a mobile phone panda. Chengdu is already early summer. And the vast southern hemisphere continent, but it is autumn, clouds are thick, the sky is blue. This season, Australia ushered in the season to sell animals. However, the locals gave reporters a saying: "In the Australian kangaroo is the manufacture of road car accident pests. Koala met koala to see fate." Fate? Yes. Koala is not only the national treasure of Australia, or the southern hemisphere "super sparring" the number one player. Can be comparable to the koala "stay Meng index", I believe only the northern hemisphere - China's national treasure giant panda. While the southern half of the only pair of giant panda couple "net" and "Funi", lived in the Australian Adelaide Zoo. March 23 morning, Huaxi Dushi Bao reporter specifically visited the national treasure. Just approached the zoo gate, we see a variety of "Panda signs" oncoming: the zoo's signs, free WiFi signage, ticket window image card, etc., above is a naive giant panda. On the right side of the entrance to the zoo there is a panda store with an array of panda souvenirs on the counter. "Network and Funi, definitely the biggest star of our zoo!" The zoo staff Lucy's tone reveals the love of the two pandas, she is wearing a pendant necklace panda. Lucy said she had been to Sichuan. November 28, 2009, China Wolong Giant Panda Research Center breeding "net" and "Funi" arrived in Australia, December 13 at the Adelaide Zoo's new home debut. According to the agreement, "net" and "Funi" will live in Australia for 10 years. Network and Funi live panda museum, occupies the Adelaide Zoo 4000 square meters of area, simulated Wolong protected area of ​​the unique scenery. The zoo also set up a dedicated feeding and management team for the giant panda. Lucy, a beautiful local girl, is one of the breeders, she has two giant pandas and the establishment of the "girlfriend" like friendship. In addition to taking care of the panda, Lucy will have a day to face the explanation of tourists. "The most frequently asked is: Can you hold pandas?" Lucy said travelers were very fond of giant pandas, but hugging them was only a dream, and she was the same as a breeder. Panda is China's national treasure, koala is Australia's national treasure, the two "Meng Meng index" can dominate the world. What happens if the panda meets the koala? "Oh, I do not know! This is a good question.I think they may be sweet to embrace together." In the face of this assumption, Lucy smiled and gave his answer.

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