Environmental inspectors find major problems to report to the central authorities

On the same day, the Secretary-General of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee also introduced the relevant circumstances of the Measures for the Investigation of the Responsibility of Ecological Responsibility of the Party and Government Leading Cadres (Trial Implementation) (hereinafter referred to as the "Measures")
The State Council Information Office held a press conference today (September 17), Yang Weimin, deputy director of the Office of the Central Finance and Leading Group, the Secretary-General of the CPC Central Committee Organization Secretary, Vice Minister of Environmental Protection Zhai Qing, Audit Deputy Auditor General Chen dust Zhao, Xu Xianchun, deputy director of the National Bureau of Statistics introduced the main content of the overall reform of ecological civilization system and related documents and other aspects of the situation, and a reporter asked. Zhai Qing, vice minister of environmental protection, said at the press conference that after the end of the environmental protection inspectors, major problems should be reported to the central authorities, and the results of the inspectors should be handed over to the Central Organization Department. Inspector of the object of leadership and leading cadres assessment evaluation appointment and removal of important basis. Reporters from the day of the new conference was informed that as an important step to strengthen the construction of ecological civilization, the implementation of natural resources, leading cadres of the assets of the audit. From 2015 to start the audit pilot, and gradually expand the scope of the pilot. From 2018 began to form a regular audit system. According to the new network news, the CPC Central Committee Organization Department Secretary General of the high voters also introduced the "party and government leaders of the ecological environment damage accountability approach (Trial)" (hereinafter referred to as "measures") the relevant circumstances. In accordance with the unified arrangements of the Central Organization, the Central Organization Department, the Ministry of Supervision led, the relevant eight departments to participate in the joint study and formulation of the "party and government leaders responsible for ecological environment damage accountability (Trial)", was released in mid-August. He said that the "approach" clearly defined the object, the state of responsibility, the way of accountability, designated the leading cadres in the field of ecological environment, the responsibility of the red line, is to urge the leading cadres to correct the right to use a sword. High voters pointed out that the "approach" has several more prominent features: First, reflects the use of the system to protect the concept of ecological environment. The Third Plenary Session of the Eighth Central Committee pointed out that it is necessary to establish a system of complete ecological civilization system and implement the most strict accountability system. The Fourth Plenary Session of the Eighth Central Committee also stressed the need to use strict legal system to protect the ecological environment. "Measures" is an important measure to implement these requirements. The second is to reflect the distinctive problem-oriented. In reality, the ecological environment events often occur, often with some leading cadres are directly related to dereliction of duty. "Measures" for this problem, strengthen the rigid constraints, designed to urge the leading cadres to firmly establish the concept of green achievements, can not be in the ecological and environmental protection problems on the next step further. The third is to reflect the rigorous determination of strict determination. "Method" is the core of a "strict" word, this has three breakthroughs. The first is the party and government with the responsibility. For the first time the local party committee members, especially the party responsible for the main person as the object of responsibility, help to promote the party committee and government to share the construction of ecological civilization, shared responsibility. The second is a life-long responsibility. Provisions responsible for the damage to the ecological environment of the leading cadres, whether or not have been transferred, promoted or retired, must be strictly responsible, will not allow the emergence of ecological problems in the racking decisions, shoot the phenomenon of leave. The third is double duty. Not only responsible for the responsibility of the responsible person of the ecological environment damage, but also strengthen the regulators, the responsibility of the responsible person. This formed a complete system of closed-loop system and the system of closed-loop system, the ecological environment damage behavior "zero tolerance" for the construction of beautiful China to provide a strong guarantee.

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