Henan a car top auxiliary police hurricane 2 km was crossing the vehicle to stop (Figure)

The car found a set of license plate Wang told reporters
Accident vehicle was towed away by the police Gao Zhijiang correspondent Guo Wen interns Niu Jingfang Wencun core tips May 3 at 3 pm, Anyang City, high-speed rail station staged breathtaking scene, a license plate for the Yu JVV909 Volkswagen car hood Wore an auxiliary police hurricane 2 km, until involved in the interception of social vehicles to stop. Yesterday, the reporter was informed that the incident is still under further processing. Surprise against the auxiliary police, Hurricane two kilometers Yesterday evening 7 pm, the reporter went to Anyang City Bai Bi town hospital on the second floor of the ward, Anyang City traffic police detachment accident two police officers are doing transcripts. Was hit Anyang City, high-speed railway station comprehensive management office special police team Xiao Xu and Xiao Wang were slightly injured, is the hospital treatment. According to Xiao Xu introduced, May 3 at 3 pm, he checked in front of the high-speed rail station illegal parking. A car illegal, he law enforcement video, the owner did not listen to the command also curse. The owner started the car knocked him, his colleague Xiao Wang stopped, dodge, lying on the hood. The driver did not stop, still open fast, small Wang hand can only tightly pull the hood near the front windshield. Then the car went to the road on the road all the way to the west, the other vehicles to see the car lying on a person, have to let the parking, but the car is still non-stop, there is a courier van quickly opened, blocking the road, the car Was forced to stop. "At that time in the car on the frightened, how to call each other also do not stop." Lying on the bed of the king talking about the incident, still scared. It is understood that the behavior of the driver angered the masses, the day at 5:40 pm, hundreds of people excited, around the car license plate for the Yu JVV909 iron gray Shanghai Volkswagen Touran car. "At that time the car can be opened faster! At least 100 kilometers per hour." A crowd said. According to the reporter drove all the way to the car, the car rushed around the auxiliary police about two kilometers. The scene of the car refused to get off the car, the car found a license plate Wang told reporters that the car was forced to stop, the car staff close the window, refused to get off. Through the window, see the driving position with a long blue women wearing a blue shirt, the rear seat of a man wearing a dark shirt. Wang said that when the car is not driving the woman, but the back seat of the man. Was stopped, the man in the car first climbed to the back seat, the co-pilot woman transferred to the driving position. Yesterday, the scene of Mr. Guo told reporters that the car's rear window glass was broken, they see some high-end tobacco and alcohol scattered in the trunk, it is surprising that the car there are two license plate number Yu JD9652 The license plate. "Guo is estimated that the incident, the car in the back seat, wearing a dark top of the man lying on the front seat back and back did not rise. It is understood that 7:20 that night, the police will be sent to the police car. 7:30 pm, the vehicle was moved to the accident handling trailer, under the command of the traffic police, civilized section of the eastern section of the southern half of the vehicle to resume passage. The driver is not drunk driving, why do people see people lying on the car also driving bolted? Who is the owner? Reporters inquired about no fruit. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter learned from the police in Anyang, at present, the incident is still under further processing. Author: Gao Zhiqiang Guo Wen Jingfang cow Ventura (Source: big river - Dahe)

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