Inner Mongolia was burned 5-year-old boy received kindergarten 85,000 compensation

The defendant nine original area of ​​gold doll kindergarten compensation plaintiff boy Zhao Moumou total loss of 85,000 yuan
25 days from the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Baotou City Jiuyuan District People's Court was informed that occurred in mid-June last year, Baotou 5-year-old boy was burned in kindergarten with the final The results, the court mediation, the two sides finally reached a mediation agreement, the defendant nine original area of ​​gold doll kindergarten compensation plaintiff boy Zhao Moumou total loss of 85,000 yuan. Baotou City 5-year-old boy was burned by the event was widely concerned about the community. Things probably passed, June 17, 2015 16 o'clock, nine original district private kindergarten kindergarten second class during the class, Zhao Moumou (5 years old) will be drowning in the pants. Teacher Nie Moumou, Zhang Moumou found by the Nie Moumou pants on the stool to clean up, Zhang Moumou from the class of insulation barrels of water, into the bathroom basin, tried the water temperature, Nie Moumou Give the boy clean the stool. Due to the first pass failed to clean, Zhang Moumou found no insulation in the barrel of the water, and then to the first floor of the water room to fetch water, did not try to put the water on the second floor of the basin. Nie Moumou also not test the case of water temperature, hold up Zhao Moumou's hips and thighs, Zhao Moumou into the basin ready to clean and found the feet turned red immediately hold out, resulting in Zhao Moumou was burned The The hospital diagnosed, Zhao Moumou's trunk, buttocks, perineum, lower limbs and other parts were severely scalded, including deep Ⅱ degree of 5%, shallow Ⅱ degree accounted for 6%. After the incident, the concern of the community, many caring people through a variety of ways to express concern for the boy. At the same time, more and more people question the teacher burn the process of the boy, and some netizens criticized the teacher's morale, as well as the bad behavior of teachers involved, called on local government departments as soon as possible to announce the truth, for children to discuss a statement. Police investigation that led to the cause of Zhao Moumou burns is Nie Moumou, Zhang Moumou negligence and failed due diligence, did not find two people have burned Zhao Moumou's subjective intent and child abuse behavior, the public security organs have To inform the family of the investigation. After the incident, the two sides can not reach a consensus because of compensation, Zhao Moumou parents kindergarten sued to the court, asked the plaintiff to pay care costs, medical expenses, such as 80265 yuan. After the case accepted, the trial judge to understand the case, the plaintiff Zhao Moumou's father was injured by the young child with kindergarten with discontent, the kindergarten mediation advocates more conflict. Taking into account the social impact of the case and the actual situation of the child's injury, the judge made a lot of preparatory work, transferred the dispute in the Public Security Bureau of the file, the organization of forensic personnel appear. After the trial, the judge according to court to clarify the facts, the two sides conducted a mediation. By the judge explained and careful mediation, the defendant kindergarten eventually agreed to compensate the plaintiff Zhao Moumou a total of 85,000 yuan losses.

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