Who can take over Cameron? Conservative party formed to stop Boris Union

Boris Johnson's strongest opponent is Minister of the Interior Teresa Mérida
[Global Times in the United Kingdom special correspondent Sun Micro Zhen Xiang] Cameron fulfilled the promise to declare his resignation, the ruling British Conservative Party suddenly rudderless. All the focus is gathered in the former London Mayor Boris Johnson who, and Cameron long-term enemies and friends of Oxford alumni, was regarded as one of the next British Prime Minister's favorite candidate. British "Weekly" magazine website has previously quoted recent polls and gaming company Handicap data said Boris Johnson in the possibility of new Prime Minister candidates to maintain a larger lead in ranking first, the Justice Minister Teresa? Mei succeeded Cameron The second, the Minister of Justice, the European representative of another representative Ge Ge ranked third, and previously succeeded Cameron voices of high Secretary of State Osborne was due to stay in Europe to vote frustrated and fell to the first six. British "Daily Mail" said Boris Johnson is a "language is not surprising" right-wing politicians, holding the "European flag" swept the British. The former mayor of London, the current Conservative Party was born in the United States Manhattan celebrities out of the Upper East Side, shortly after his birth, his family took his family to move back to England. While wore a messy blonde, it looks very different from the image of the traditional British political elite, but his growing experience is very traditional: growing up in Oxford, then studying at the prestigious Eton College and Oxford University, Where he met Cameron and joined the secret club of the British elite - the Brewington Club. As the mayor of London, Johnson on the surface of slovenly, but known as the Conservative "box office guarantee", was described as "wearing a teddy bear coat cunning fox." Last year, Johnson announced the abandonment of American citizenship, only to retain the British nationality Show loyalty to Britain. The United States, "Washington Post" said Johnson in the referendum in the European referendum, although and Cameron belong to the Conservative Party, but he openly anti-water, became the most difficult to meet the Prime Minister Cameron stumbling block. Although the likes of maverick "political blame" repeatedly denied, but Johnson glimpse of the prime minister has long been a public secret. Square also spread a variety of "conspiracy theory", refers to Johnson in the party is not suspected of Europe, a year ago or even a pro-Europe, he suddenly high-profile support from Europe, apparently drunk is not wine, the British "daily post "Johnson has admitted that before the referendum with a small number of Conservative Party members in private conspiracy to explore the possibility of challenge Cameron party status. But Johnson is not impeccable, he has been criticized "lazy" and dishonest, and his remarks are also seen as having racist and elitist tendencies. Before the referendum in Europe, Johnson had quipped that he became the British Prime Minister's probability just as reincarnation into olive trees as high. In addition, the Conservative Party to support Europe from another heavyweight Michael Gove in the Conservative Party also received a lot of support. The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) believes that in Boris traveled to the British Isles, for the activities of the people at the same time, Gove actively on television to show their debates, propaganda off Europe advocates. In the last few weeks, according to the Conservative poll, 31% of the Conservatives have supported Goff to replace Cameron, saying he was an important candidate to revive the Conservative Party after the referendum, according to the British Daily Telegraph. But Gove had repeatedly said he was not interested in the prime minister. In the process of competing for the new prime minister, the Conservative head is trying to form a "stop Boris" alliance. Boris Johnson's strongest opponent is Minister of the Interior Teresa Mérida. At the same time, Health Minister Jeremy Hunt, Minister of Education Nicky Morgan, Welsh Affairs Minister Stephen Craib and Minister of State for Energy and Climate Change Andrea Lidson, and even Minister of Finance George Osborne It is possible to challenge. The biggest victim of the European camp was Cameron's close friend George Osborne, who was the most promising candidate to succeed Prime Minister Cameron. Born in 1971 Osborne has long been a political star within the Conservative Party. As early as 2001 he was elected to the House of Commons, is the youngest member of parliamentary history. Under Cameron, he became Britain's youngest prime minister for nearly a century. Before the vote, Osborne warned that if the British out of the EU, will lose up to 800,000 jobs, and "almost immediately lead to a year of recession." The outcome of the referendum to support the stay of Osborne lost a lot, he came in the referendum after the results choose to remain silent. British "Guardian" said, compared to Johnson, Interior Minister Theresa May was considered to be more able to unite the Conservative Party. Since 2010 as Cameron government Interior Minister, Theresa plum in the public and the media in the image of the overall good, "Daily Telegraph" reporter has called her Cameron government "rising star" The As a woman, plum has its own unique advantages, and the overall image of steady and capable. In the British and EU relations, the plum has been holding the European position. Interestingly, since 2013 the plum of the public image of a significant change in the past from the fat body to symmetry, surprising. Prior to plum had to lose weight due to the results of hard work, but recently she has publicly admitted to suffering from type 1 diabetes. Overall, Teresa Meimei is a powerful person, but not as Johnson has a distinctive appeal and a huge topic. Media analysis, Theresa Mayplain in the entire referendum to maintain a low profile, she is likely to become united off the European camp and stay in Europe. After all, what the Conservative Party needs most is unity, stability, credibility and competitiveness. In addition, compared to Johnson, Teresa Meimei will be more suitable candidates to participate in the EU negotiations. Therefore, the new prime minister position is likely to be between Johnson and Teresa? Mei between the two competition.

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